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This is my dog Rocky, he is 6 months old and yes, he is a Pitbull. Tell me, does this look like a “dangerous dog” to you? i live in Riverside County, California, and they just passed a BSL (Bread Selective Legislation)  law against pitbulls, which you have to neuter or spay your pitty.  Im not saying that it is an unreasonable law, what im saying is that a horrible person kept 5 pitbulls in cages for most of their life so they could breed them, and a 2 year old got too close, and because of the stupid persons decision of locking the pits in cages for years and not interacting with them THE FUCKING DOGS WERE PUNISHED. I mean, if you were locked up in a cage until you were 30 years old, not being able to talk to anyone, you would be pretty fucking upset too.

I know most people think that pitbulls are aggressive by nature, but that is a completely wrong idea! They were breed to be loving, loyal, intelligent, and playful dogs. Shit, they were considered America’s dog in the early 1900’s. So why all of a sudden do we want to ban such an amazing breed of dog? it’s not their fault they were born a pitbull, its not their fault some person wanted to a dog for the wrong reasons and trained one to be aggressive, it’s not their fault that they have such a horrible reputation. 

So the point I am trying to make is simple, Help me make a difference. BSL does not only affect pitbulls, it affects many other breeds of misunderstood dogs. Breed selective laws are bad.

so if you want a pitbull, adopt! (don’t support the assholes who breed the dogs and leave them in cages all their lives) if you already have a pitbull, take him or her on a walk, enroll them in obedience classes, let your community know that change is coming. And if you don’t have a pit, you can still help! next time you’re walking by a person walking their pitty, instead of going across the street to avoid them, walk up to them and ask if you may pet their dog, it not only help others see that pitbulls are not bad, it helps the owner have confidence over their dog. 

There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

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